Dr. Maggie Phillips

Dr. Phillips teaches workshops for professionals and the general public in the areas of hypnosis, treatment of trauma, ego-state therapy, and mind/body healing.

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Telephone Courses

Ask the Experts Monthly Series with Maggie Phillips, PhD

Maggie Phillips is offering a series of teleseminars/webinars with leading experts in the areas of pain, stress, anxiety, and trauma. Maggie and the guest speaker present immediately usable treatment strategies from their areas of expertise. For the last 30 minutes of the teleseminar/webinar, the presenters take live questions by telephone or via internet messaging. All teleseminars offer a way to submit questions in advance and recordings of the live event, so live attendance is NOT required.


On February 8, 2012, Dr. Maggie Phillips and Bill O'Hanlon will offer a teleseminar on Post-Traumatic Success. This 90-minute teleseminar will include a 30-minute live question and answer session. You DO NOT need to be available on this date/time to participate; all registered participants receive online access to the recorded call, including the option to download in MP3 format for permanent long-term access. For more information and to register, click here.

Online Courses

Reversing Chronic Pain Online Tutorial Program with Maggie Phillips, PhD

Designed to further supplement the Reversing Chronic Pain book, the Online
Tutorial Program includes group support, multi-media presentations, audio practice
exercises, and additional information and activities not contained in the book itself. For more information, click here

In-Person Courses

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Invite Maggie Phillips to Present a Workshop

If you are interested in organizing a workshop or inviting Dr. Maggie Phillips to make a presentation, please contact us.

Here is a partial list of workshop topics:

  • Healing the Divided Self: An Integrative Treatment Approach to Abuse and Trauma, Levels I and II

  • Reversing Chronic Pain

  • Mind/Body Healing: Treatment of Stress Symptoms Using Energy Therapies

  • Treatment of Complex Trauma Conditions: Dissociative Personality Disorders

  • Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

  • An Introduction to Ego-State Therapy

  • Advanced Clinical Applications of Ego-State Therapy

  • Resolving Traumatic Experiences

  • A Hypnosomatic Perspective of Trauma Treatment

  • From Surviving to Thriving: Exceptional Healing Techniques in the Treatment of Post-Traumatic Conditions

  • Energy Therapies and Energy Psychology

Archives of Past Workshops

For descriptions of past workshops, please visit the archives:

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Dr. Phillips speaks on Reversing Chronic Pain with Energy Psychology (interviewed for Voice America by Carol Look) click here.

You Tube video click here.

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