persuades us that we are
its prisoners. It is
liberating to heal, to begin to feel good, reclaiming choice and resilience again

Dr. Maggie Phillips

Why Try the RCP Program?


If you were meeting with me in person, we would evaluate your pain condition in terms of its history, your responses to past treatments, and review all of the techniques discussed in the Reversing Chronic Pain learning program to determine a good place to start. Together, we would set some initial goals designed to deliver the biggest results in the shortest time with the least effort from you. When the inevitable challenges arose, we would modify the methods we were trying out, and continue to adjust each approach until it was in a form that could unlock your unique mind-body potentials to give us the results both of us want you to have.

This program is special because it applies the latest online learning technology to create a multi-dimensional learning experience.

It is designed to be used as a companion teaching tool to my book, Reversing Chronic Pain. Also available is a set of 10 Audio CDs that takes you to the next step with a one hour coaching sessions associated with each step of the program.

Therefore, you may get the best results from putting together a comprehensive program that combines the CDs with an individual learning module.  Each module includes video and audio clips to help you apply the tools from the book and adds new information and techniques not included in the book. In short, participating in this learning program is the next best thing to sitting with me in my office.

With this online program, you will be able to have a similar interaction with me and with the tools I have found to be most powerful with persistent and chronic pain conditions. You will have the opportunity to experience the best of online learning that has already been piloted successfully with people in pain, to build on your learning from the Reversing Chronic Pain CDs to watch me teach the skills live on video, and to listen to audio aids that help you master the skills and integrate them as I would if you were sitting in the room with me. Pairing the CDs information with this online tutorial may bring you the best of both programs, but you also have the opportunity to try each format separately.

The 10 Steps of the Reversing Chronic Pain On-Line Program:

      1. Getting Started
      2. Breathe
      3. Feel
      4. Relax
      5. Imagine
      6. Observe
      7. Energy
      8. Move
      9. Connect
      10. Love
      11. Build

What makes me believe that you can succeed with the Reversing Chronic Pain learning program even if nothing else has really worked for you?

Experience! There are the endorsements of many professionals who also work with pain conditions, as well as those of pain clients who have been successful in using the RCP program. If you haven’t taken time to read these supportive comments, please take time to read them now by clicking here

    Refund Policy

    I Personally Guarantee Your Satisfaction!

    We appreciate your investment in our new Pain Coaching program. Take 60 days to review the cds and if you feel this program is not effective for you, we will refund 100% of the cost of the CD program!

    So you risk nothing – not a single penny.


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