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JabberDay  has made a comment on  Paris 2010:

I know Dr Phillips and recommend anything she teaches, she is so knowledgeable, so diligent and caring about getting spreading the word on how to resolve trauma, which is very needed in our world today. Single-handedly she has done so much to help the world. I love Dr Phillips and am thankful for her work.


I would like to share my experience with a client - using learnings from your coaching program. Please feel welcome to use my story to promote this great coaching program!

I have a client who is a French Canadian artist, highly visual and passionate.  

I hadn't seen her for a while when she called me up wanting to see me right away: she sounded concerned . In our session she told me that she had been having very unpleasant pain in her abdomen, and that in the last couple of days it had been getting worse. It had worried her to the extent that she had booked a CAT Scan.

She was experiencing a lot of anxiety around what the test results might reveal, and was in obvious discomfort. She told me that along with the pain she had been experiencing digestive problems and irritability.

We did some interactive guided imagery to help her relax, and then I invited her to "say hello" to the sensation in her abdomen - and as she felt into it, to ask the pain to show her what it was all about.  

At first she saw darkness and then an image of a baby appeared.  She made the connection to a baby that she had lost during a pregancy--and further to that, it suddenly dawned on her that it was the anniversary of that loss!

I invited her to reach out and hold the baby, which she did. As she held and rocked the baby, her abdomen began to relax--we allowed a lot of time for her to be with the baby.  Working in alignment with her spiritual beliefs, and accessing her spiritual resources, we also welcomed her emotions as she spoke and communed with the baby-- until she felt they were complete.  

She was amazed to discover that the pain and constriction in her belly was completely gone and she was in a place of deep peace and relaxation and healing. She went later to her CAT scan but without fear: she was confident that she now knew now what the pain had been about, and indeed the CAT Scan showed no health concerns.  

We collaborated that when and if she felt more pain in her body that she could visit her baby (who --according to her wish-was happily tucked away in her heart) and commune some more: as it turned out the pain never returned.

Best wishes to everyone
Suzanne Hewett  


"I may have mentioned this previously, but what I've found particularly useful and valuable about the Reversing Chronic Pain program is the relative ease with which the techniques (simple yet profound) can be applied for pain relief.  The tiered structure of the program enables the participant to build upon prior knowledge, which helps instill confidence in a client's ability to successfully self-manage their pain. 

I am impressed with the program and would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a holistic answer to help resolve chronic pain."

David Rosenberg


"Maggie Phillips' Pain Coaching Seminars provided such an accessible format for engaging with ideas and suggestions to offer for combating pain. 

What I valued most was the question and answer format of the seminars provided by the Study Guides; which helped me to organize what I was learning.  I can now present coherent factual information about our biology to help my clients to get on board with these exercises which are so effective in dealing with pain.  

I found the Book "Reversing Chronic Pain" extremely helpful and the coaching took my comfort with the information and exercises to a higher level.  Thank you Maggie!"

 Sharon Purcell, R.S.W.
Toronto, Ontario


"The Reversing Chronic Pain series is an exquisite blend of current knowledge on pain management and also many innovate and effective methods for that work.

A serious contribution to assist both chronic and acute pain sufferers to regain a life of increased meaning and well being.”

Ian Macnaughton Ph.D.,
Registered Clinical Counsellor.


"I found the Reversing Chronic Pain coaching program impressive on many levels. Not only was there a substantial amount of information offered on the subject, the material was valuable and extremely well-organized. The study guides were thoughtfully prepared and provided excellent guidance throughout.

Maggie is a wonderful teacher and presenter. Her expertise in the field is apparent as is her passion for the work. I found many useful techniques and tools in these teleseminars and have already begun incorporating them into my own work.

Reversing Chronic Pain is an incredible resource that I will continue to use well into the future."


Judy Corona


"Maggie's Reversing Chronic Pain coaching program stood up to her usual level of excellence.

As a professional counselor and coach who works with people with chronic pain, anxiety and depression, I have used a variety of the wonderful tools she provided in the seminar to assist my clients with a multitude of different issues.

Thank you again Maggie for your generous work."


Erica J Burns, LPC


"The Pain Coaching Program added to the on line program because it helped me use my learning styles much better. I learn by hearing and doing better then just reading. By hearing  Maggie and getting to ask questions, then I could try what I learned with a much better understanding cognitively and emotionally what I read and heard.

Maggie seems to have a sixth sense about what people in pain are experiencing and also what stages of development we are at in our chronic pain recovery. I did have a class with her a while ago that she did on chronic pain and that helped me to turn the corner in understanding pain and not to be so afraid of it because I did have some control over what I did when I was flared up. Maggie gave me the tools to use to empower myself to get out of the bad flares without becoming so anxious and depressed because I am now armed with the tools to take the pain down a few notches where I can handle it. I have found a couple really good tools that work for me in times of trouble, but I had to practice them to get even better.

I am glad that I was able to work with Maggie on the phone in the last one because our group was so small. She was able to do the control room with me and that tool is one of the best weapons that I have now to use for all times. The control room is actually a good tool for even people without chronic pain to use. It can be used for anxiety and depression and even pregnancy delivery, or recovering from surgery as I am now doing.

Maggie definitely gave us an arsenal of hands-on methods to arm ourselves with after practicing and finding out which ones work the best for each of us. 

Thanks for all your help Maggie!"

Patti O'Donnell


"The Reversing Chronic Pain Program offers a much needed and often overlooked aspect in the treatment of pain....education in the understanding of all facets of pain.

I feel this is one of the most effective learning tools I've ever seen."

John F. Iams, M.A.,P.T.
America's Pain & Stress Therapist™





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