Dr. Maggie Phillips
Reversing Chronic Pain
A 10-Point All-Natural Plan for Lasting Relief

Reversing Chronic Pain offers a dynamic framework for joining body and mind to speed the healing of traumatic pain from the body level up. Each chapter presents a body-centered skill set that can be mastered through a broad menu of practice exercises. The resulting interlinked somatic building blocks help readers shift from physical pain to body awareness, and from unstoppable suffering to heartfelt connection and peace.

Building on the AIDS cocktail approach that reflects the fact that chronic pain is complex and no one tactic is likely to solve the problem, Maggie Phillips presents a 10-1 pain plan comprised of easy strategies based on somatic experience. Even if the reader’s pain is perceived as a “10” at the onset of the program, with 10 being intolerable, the somatic building blocks help shift the pain one point at a time until it gradually diminishes to “1” or even “zero.” Showing how the common professional interventions–medication, physical therapy, acupuncture, biofeedback–may be more harmful than healing, Reversing Chronic Pain stresses self-treatment throughout, involving sufferers in attaining lives not simply endured but actively enjoyed.

Since its release in September 2007, Maggie Phillips' newest book, Reversing Chronic Pain, has been among the best selling books on mind and body health on Amazon.com. To order the book, currently available for the low price of $13.10 on Amazon.com, click here. Retail price is $24.95


What People are Saying...

Reversing Chronic Pain offers specific, practical, and effective pathways out of physical suffering. Perhaps more important, it provides hope, so desperately needed by people who have been dragged by persistent pain into hopelessness and despair.”
– Bill O'Hanlon, author of Do One Thing Different: Ten Simple Ways to Change Your Life, Thriving through Crisis, and Pathways to Spirituality  

Reversing Chronic Pain is a tremendously helpful guide for dissolving fear and trauma that perpetuate chronic pain. Maggie Phillips's gentle and soothing style is wonderfully reassuring and healing. Simply reading this book will lend some relief, but when you use the techniques, well-deserved miracles are bound to happen.”
– Fred Gallo, PhD, author of Energy Psychology and Energy Tapping for Trauma  

”Maggie Phillips uses her considerable expertise in hypnosis, Somatic Experiencing, and the treatment of pain to create an intelligent, holistic, refreshing new roadmap for reversing pain. Her approach is smart and sophisticated, yet user-friendly and accessible. Most important, her methods work.”
– Belleruth Naparstek, LISW, author of Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal and creator of the Health Journeys guided imagery audio series

”Maggie Phillips has written the first truly multi-modal, mind-body therapy self-help book for people with chronic pain. She offers usable, nuts-and-bolts techniques that can be used by readers in pain and pain professionals alike. I could not put this book down.”
– Bruce N. Eimer, PhD, ABPP, author of Hypnotize Yourself Out of Pain Now and Pain Management Psychotherapy

Reversing Chronic Pain fills a niche that has been sorely lacking in the pain management field. An important book for physicians, psychotherapists, and anyone who suffers from this ubiquitous and poorly-understood condition.”
– Robert Scaer, MD, author of The Body Bears the Burden and The Trauma Spectrum

”There are two grand killers of life, the twin sisters of pain and fear. Indeed, fear and pain feed on each other, keeping us immobilized and unable to engage in life. Based on her decades of work in clinical hypnosis, imagery, energy psychology and in Somatic Experiencing®, Dr. Phillips has masterfully distilled what is essential in helping people overcome and heal from chronic pain. The vision of this book goes well beyond managing pain. This extensive program supports and empowers the reader in moving from helplessness to feelings of hope, vitality, goodness and well being.”
– Peter Levine, Ph.D., author of Healing Trauma, Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body, and Waking the Tiger, Healing Trauma


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Maggie Phillips reports on the role of breathing and tapping in pain relief:

Some of the best success I've had recently with pain conditions has come through the use of breathing and tapping techniques that I have described in the Reversing Chronic Pain book.

Here's a recent example:

John has had recent jaw and face surgery to repair his bite and to open his nasal and sinus passages in order to resolve a long-standing sleep apnea problem. He has had pain related to the surgery and also to the wires used to attach his jaw to his gums and teeth. I first guided him in several breathing techniques including circular breathing, which helped him to connect both with areas of comfort as well as areas of pain in his body. Combining a wide range of different sensations helped him to feel calmer and began to flatten the sharp pain he was experiencing.

I then asked him to tap gently through the 4 points on the midline protocol to help clear the feelings of fear and hopelessness that sometimes arose during his long recovery. After two sessions of this work, John's pain dropped significantly and he was remaining calm during daytime hours which previously had triggered feelings of panic and restlessness.

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Maggie Phillips reports on the role of a multi-disciplinary approach to pain relief:

Reversing Chronic Pain is receiving acclaim for its focus on multi-disciplinary treatment, which is widely acknowledged as the best approach to pain treatment. The trouble is, many insurances will not pay for this kind of treatment because it requires multiple providers or a highly expensive clinic setting. My book helps people in pain learn and apply multiple modalities to their experience of pain. Success rates are that 9 out of 10 people who complete the RCP program, whether in a group or on their own, lower their pain levels significantly and report lasting change because of the tools they learn.

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