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I am now using a consultation model in my practice to better accommodate the constraints of my travel schedule and to allow extra time for writing and teaching. What this means is that instead of accepting ongoing psychotherapy clients as most therapists do, I use a 10-session or 10-hour model to target and help you resolve a specific symptom or difficulty as your clinical consultant. During this time frame, clients and I work together toward the most complete resolution possible of the goals we have identified. We work intensively, usually with longer sessions, to accomplish as much as creativity and circumstances allow. Occasionally, if needed, we decide to add additional hours or sessions to reach closure.

The methods I use are varied. I have studied clinical, Ericksonian and medical hypnosis for 30 years and find this approach to be highly effective for many clients. I am an approved consultant in hypnosis and a fellow in the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and offer training for many professionals in the U.S. as well as abroad. In addition, I am experienced and certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and often use this approach when rapid, multi-dimensional change is desired. Somatic Experiencing™, a model developed by Peter Levine, Ph.D., is especially indicated when the client's problem is related to unresolved trauma that is held in the body. I have taught with Dr. Levine for more than 15 years and am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Chronic pain, other symptoms due to body constriction, and many post-traumatic anxiety and health problems can be eased by this method. Finally, in the last 8 years or so, I have applied Energy Psychology techniques to a wide variety of clinical difficulties including anxiety, depression, panic, phobia, health imbalance, chronic pain, and mind-body symptoms. Though as yet unproven by traditional research, EP offers a unique way of working with past trauma because the client is not required to re-experience distressing events in order to rebalance the energy system, which often results in symptom relief.

In addition to using these "power tools," I also interweave many of the nuts and bolts of traditional psychotherapy, including cognitive behavioral approaches, guided and interactive imagery, and repair of developmental conflicts that begin in early childhood. Many patients with problems that appear resistant to treatment suffer from attachment trauma within their early relationships. This needs to be repaired through the therapy relationship as well as by working with internal parts of the self, called ego states, which often contribute to symptoms and other difficulties. Many methods are used to find and work with more unconscious ego states in order to help them cooperate with the rest of the personality so that healing can take place. These methods include techniques drawn from the experiential tools mentioned earlier--hypnosis, Somatic Experiencing, interactive and structured imagery, EMDR, and Energy Psychology.

In order to find out whether a consultative approach would work for you, there are several different ways to proceed.

(1) Complete and return the Consultation Information Form (to download the form, (lick here); if you cannot download the form for some reason, please email assistant@maggiephillipsphd.com or call 510-655-3843 extension 2# and request that the form be sent to you. Once your information has been received at our office, you will be contacted for a brief telephone interview to discuss the appropriateness of this type of consultation for your circumstances.

(2) After the brief initial phone interview, if working together is indicated, I usually recommend a 90-minute consultation session which allows sufficient time for a thorough history, review of your needs, and a discussion of which approaches might be helpful and why. If we both believe that working together is indicated, we will then schedule ten subsequent sessions. The fee for the 90-minute initial consultation is $280, which also includes time for me to consult with your therapist or treatment provider and insurance personnel if necessary, and time to make necessary referrals on your behalf. If you decide to continue on with the 10-hour/session model, we will evaluate our progress carefully; if we are not obtaining the results you seek, you are not committed to completing the 10 sessions in total. The fee for each of the 10 visits is $160 per 50 minute hour. 75 minute sessions are $240, and 120 minute double sessions are $320.

(3) If you live out of the San Francisco Bay Area, you might also consider a 10 hour weekend intensive. With this format, you arrange to come to the Bay Area for about 4-5 days. Usually, we schedule an initial 2-3 hour session on Friday, followed by several hours on Saturday, and the balance on Monday and/or Tuesday. The total fee for the 10 hours is $1600 and includes consultation with your therapist or treatment provider both before and after our work together as needed. To arrange for this format, please complete and return the Consultation Information Form as described above.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 510-655-3843 to find out more about whether this consultative model would be right for you.









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