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What People are Saying

”Reversing Chronic Pain offers specific, practical, and effective pathways out of physical suffering. Perhaps more important, it provides hope, so desperately needed by people who have been dragged by persistent pain into hopelessness and despair.”

”Reversing Chronic Pain is a tremendously helpful guide for dissolving fear and trauma that perpetuate chronic pain. Maggie Phillips's gentle and soothing style is wonderfully reassuring and healing. Simply reading this book will lend some relief, but when you use the techniques, well-deserved miracles are bound to happen.”

”Maggie Phillips uses her considerable expertise in hypnosis, Somatic Experiencing, and the treatment of pain to create an intelligent, holistic, refreshing new roadmap for reversing pain. Her approach is smart and sophisticated, yet user-friendly and accessible. Most important, her methods work.”

”Maggie Phillips has written the first truly multi-modal, mind-body therapy self-help book for people with chronic pain. She offers usable, nuts-and-bolts techniques that can be used by readers in pain and pain professionals alike. I could not put this book down.”

”Reversing Chronic Pain fills a niche that has been sorely lacking in the pain management field. An important book for physicians, psychotherapists, and anyone who suffers from this ubiquitous and poorly-understood condition.”

”There are two grand killers of life, the twin sisters of pain and fear. Indeed, fear and pain feed on each other, keeping us immobilized and unable to engage in life. Based on her decades of work in clinical hypnosis, imagery, energy psychology and in Somatic Experiencing®, Dr. Phillips has masterfully distilled what is essential in helping people overcome and heal from chronic pain. The vision of this book goes well beyond managing pain. This extensive program supports and empowers the reader in moving from helplessness to feelings of hope, vitality, goodness and well being.”


What Clients are Saying...

”I first discovered Maggie Phillips’ approach to chronic pain after friends heard her speak on her visit to Australia. Thanks to modern technology I could go online and do her 10 point program which was great for me as I can not drive, sit for long periods or leave the house much. This program allowed me to learn a new skill each week which is just enough time for it to sink in and be practiced on a daily basis. The teleconferences meant I could speak directly to Maggie and have questions answered and hear how others were coping. I have had severe chronic back pain from spinal degeneration for 7 years now and tried many things. I had discovered some of Maggie’s ideas before but not in a focused and systematic way. ... It gave me a handful of seeds to scatter, some landed on fertile ground some did not. Some grew instantly and others germinated over time. Maggie brings together a forest of natural approaches and allows you to find the ones that work to relieve your pain.Chronic pain is multifaceted and this approach recognizes this, empowering the reader to move out of the pain cycle. In hospital again recently Maggie’s book arrived on my bedside table. I laughed. I guess its time I started teaching these principals to others. It is no ‘cure all magic pill’ but rather hope in a dark place, new choices and freedom from endless suffering.”

”Before... pain was the enemy and I was fighting with it. Now I am more compassionate towards my pain – I have learned to love my body through pain. I also feel a sense of control I did not have before. My pain levels are lower; I have better response to medications and a better attitude toward self-treatment.”

 ”I have much more confidence now that I have tools to keep pain from overwhelming me or controlling my life.”

 ”My attitude and commitment to self-treatment is much stronger now. It really helped that you understand how this struggle with pain becomes all consuming at times and how hard it is emotionally.”

"Your expertise in your area is obvious as you offer what might be most helpful for each of us as pain clients, I sense in my body, the place that I return to when I am lost in my pain, the place that I have made large enough to contain my pain and also my healing and new learning. Now, I can connect to my body with just a breath or a simple movement. My pain and subsequent suffering has changed in a way I do not yet have the words to describe. I am feeling hopeful, grateful and am having very exciting positive responses to all our work."







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