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The Integrated Program for Pain

Pain persuades us that we are its prisoner.

Yet we can learn how to liberate ourselves, to feel good again and become our own best healer.


If you’re suffering with persistent, chronic pain, it’s hard to get your hopes up about yet another new approach. You may feel rather hopeless and barely have energy for anything except crawling through another painful day. You just want to stop hurting, and you aren’t sure where to turn to really get the help you need...

The hard fact is that chronic pain is a complex problem. But it is not unsolvable. It simply requires a synergistic, multifaceted solution. The latest research in pain management confirms the effectiveness of a multi-modal, combination of approaches to find lasting pain relief.

The Integrated Reversing Chronic Pain Program is a 10-step integrated approach that can bring success with ANY kind of pain, even yours. It is affordable, customizable, measurable, portable and requires no previous study. The program combines the most powerful tools, techniques and practices from multiple traditional and alternative pain management approaches in ways that boosts the effects of each one. You will learn to make educated, healing selections and choices on your own behalf, based on your actual results, developing a fluid, flexible, multi-modal protocol that fits your ever-changing needs. Essentially you will learn how to become your own best advocate and best healer.

The Integrated program begins with the Reversing Chronic Pain (RCP) book which offers a dynamic framework for joining body and mind to speed the healing of traumatic pain from the body level up. Each chapter presents a body-centered skill set that can be mastered through a broad menu of practice exercises. The resulting interlinked somatic building blocks help readers shift from physical pain to body awareness, and from unstoppable suffering to heartfelt connection and peace.

The RCP Online Program applies the latest online learning technology to create a multi-media learning experience. It is designed to be used as a companion tool to the RCP book. Each learning module includes video and audio clips to help you apply the tools from the book and and adds new information and techniques. In short, participating in this learning program is the next best thing to sitting with me in my office.

You’ll also benefit from Pain Coaching for Success, a set of 10 audio CDs that takes you to the next level with one hour coaching sessions associated with each step of the program.

Also included is a new "Freedom From Pain" audio program recorded with Peter Levine. This program "stands on it's own" and supplements the Reversing Chronic Pain programs. A total of 25 audio tracks will help you to understand and releasse the effects of trauma that contribute to many pain conditions and block recovery. The 2 CD audio program explains the trauna-pain connection and leads youthrough simple, powerful exercises to gently release traces of trauma that are held in your body.

As you use all of these tools together, the skills you learn will help you reach significant reduction in your pain levels. Some individuals find that 1:1 help is useful to help organize the program to pinpoint their specific needs. If this is true for you, you can also purchase phone, skype, or live coaching sessions with Maggie as noted below.

The Integrated Program for Pain includes:

· Reversing Chronic Pain Book with 35 companion audios

· Freedom From Pain 2 CD Audio Program

· 10-Step RCP Online Program

· RCP Coaching for Success CD Set

· Ten Ways to Stop Pain from Stopping You E-book

· Healing Pain Through Hypnosis and Imagery E-book

The Entire Integrated Program for Pain is Only


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With your order you will receive the following bonuses!

"The Worry Solution" Seminar by Marty Rossman

Audio download "Calm Beneath the Waves" by Bill O'Hanlon


When you purchase the Integrated Pain Program - you realize a savings of 20% off the cost of purchasing each individual item

Reversing Chronic Pain Book $15.95

Freedom From Pain 2 CD Audio Program $24.97

Reversing Chronic Pain Online Program $84.97

Reversing Chronic Pain Coaching for Success CD Set $84.97
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Ten Ways to Stop Pain from Stopping Your E-book $4.97

Healing Pain Through Hypnosis and Imagery E-book bonus $4.97


At times, some people feel the need to have 1:1 sessions to help organize and implement the program, Dr. Phillips offers special one-on-one consultations via phone or Skype.

Purchase One Hour at $180.00 HERE

Purchase Five Hours at $160.00 per hour ($800.00) HERE

Purchase Five Hours with Maggie on a 4 payment plan of $210.00 per
payment (total cost $840.00)

Additionally, Maggie offers weekend consultations as 10 hour intensives.
For more information on this option, visit

Additional Components of The RCP Integrated Program...

We believe you’ll get the best results from putting together a comprehensive program that combines the book with audio practice downloads, the individualized RCP Online learning program, the Pain Coaching CD set. and two helpful E-books.

With this Integrated Program, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the best of integrated learning that has already been piloted successfully with people in pain.

You will find multiple learning pathways to help you take authority over your pain and reverse its course. We know people learn differently so we’ve included plenty of print material, audio downloads to practice and refine your skills, links to watch me teach the skills live on video, so that you can master essential RCP skills and integrate them as if you were working live with me. You have the opportunity to try each format separately to find out what really works best for you.

What makes me believe that you can succeed with the Reversing Chronic Pain learning program even if nothing else has really worked for you?

Lots of experience! We have endorsements of many professionals who also work with pain conditions as well as those of pain clients who have been successful in using the RCP program. Here are some of their supportive comments, you can read more by visiting reversingchronicpain.com/testimonials.

"The Pain Coaching Program added to the on line program because it helped me use my learning styles much better. I learn by hearing and doing better then just reading. By hearing  Maggie and getting to ask questions, then I could try what I learned with a much better understanding cognitively and emotionally what I read and heard.

Maggie seems to have a sixth sense about what people in pain are experiencing and also what stages of development we are at in our chronic pain recovery. I did have a class with her a while ago that she did on chronic pain and that helped me to turn the corner in understanding pain and not to be so afraid of it because I did have some control over what I did when I was flared up. Maggie gave me the tools to use to empower myself to get out of the bad flares without becoming so anxious and depressed because I am now armed with the tools to take the pain down a few notches where I can handle it. I have found a couple really good tools that work for me in times of trouble, but I had to practice them to get even better.

The control room tool is actually a good tool for even people without chronic pain to use. It can be used for anxiety and depression and even pregnancy delivery, or recovering from surgery as I am now doing.

Maggie definitely gave us an arsenal of hands-on methods to arm ourselves with after practicing and finding out which ones work the best for each of us. 

Thanks for all your help Maggie!"

--Patti O'Donnell

"Initially, Maggie's pain program really helped me to feel less overwhelmed and hopeless about being able to successfully manage my chronic pain syndromes. After several months of use, I am incorporating her protocols into my everyday life and obtaining significant relief."

--Theresa Owen

"As someone who suffers from chronic migraines, I have found Maggie’s programme to be very helpful. She provides numerous different techniques to try, and it is a relief to have some options apart from medication!"

--Liesl de Beer

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Maggie Phillips, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist in full-time private practice in Oakland, California. She is particularly interested in the interface of trauma, dissociation, and emotional and physical pain conditions.

Dr. Phillips is the author of two books on pain, Reversing Chronic Pain (2007) and Freedom From Pain (2012) with Dr. Peter Levine. She is the innovator of a multi-media online pain self-help program, a pain CD coaching program, and audio download practice exercises which complement the book, Reversing Chronic Pain, all available at reversingchronicpain.com. She is also creator and host of popular monthly teleseminar, e-course, and newsletter programs (maggiephillipsphd.com/courses), which have featured numerous experts in the area of pain, trauma, and mindbody healing. She has also recorded two pain CD programs, Hypnosis: The Pain Solution and Hypnosis: The Headache Solution distributed by hypnosisnetwork.com.

She has served on the faculties of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), American and European Congresses of Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing International Association (EMDRIA), the Esalen Institute, the European Society of Hypnosis in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine, the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH), Alliant University, the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH), the International Society for the Study of Dissociation (ISSD).

Dr. Phillips has led workshops on reversing chronic pain, treating the effects of childhood trauma, and uses of hypnosis, psychotherapy, and energy psychology in mind body healing and behavioral medicine around the world.
She is co-recipient of the 1994 ASCH Crasilneck award for excellence in writing and of the Cornelia B. Wilbur award from the ISSTD. She is also a Fellow of the International Society for the Study of Dissociation (ISSD), a Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

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I know Dr Phillips and recommend anything she teaches, she is so knowledgeable, so diligent and caring about spreading the word on how to resolve trauma, which is very needed in our world today.

Marla Lay


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